Jurnal Simki Pedagogia 2024-07-17T05:40:16+07:00 Erwin Putera Permana, M.Pd Open Journal Systems <div style="background-color: #ebfeec; border: 2px solid #bae481; border-radius: 5px; text-align: left; padding: 5px; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 14px; margin-left: 0px;">Jurnal Simki Pedagogia Terbit 2 kali dalam 1 Tahun setiap bulan Januari dan Juli. Terbitan Berkala Ilmiah ini merupakan publikasi ilmiah di bidang kependidikan seperti Bimbingan Konseling, Perencanaan pembelajaran, Strategi pembelajaran, Metode pembelajaran, Media pembelajaran interaktif, Kompetensi pendidik, Penilaian pembelajaran, Inovasi pendidikan, Pendidikan Sejarah, Pendidikan Matematika, Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia, Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar dan Pendidikan Guru Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">ISSN (<em>Online</em>)&nbsp;2599-073X</a><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">ISSN (<em>Print</em>)&nbsp;2807-2790</a><br><a title="Web Analytics" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="" alt="Web Analytics"></a> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Pengunjung Pedagogia</a></p> Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Proyek (PjBL) terhadap Perilaku Prososial Siswa SD Kelas V di Surabaya 2024-06-26T06:26:48+07:00 Danang Prastyo Ida Sulistyowati Sunu Catur Budiyono <p>The aim of the research is to determine the influence of prosocial behavior on Class V elementary school students in Surabaya through the PjBL Model. The population of public elementary school students and the sample are elementary school students in Class V A and B at Sumur Welut III Elementary School Surabaya. The data collection technique used the PTM (Prosocial Tendecies Measure) questionnaire adapted from Carlo. Data analysis uses the T-Test. The conclusion is that there is an influence of the PjBL Model on the prosocial behavior of class V students at SD Negeri Sumur Welut III Surabaya. The results of data processing show a sig (2-tailed) 0.00 &lt; 0.05, value meaning that there is an influence of the PjBL Model on the prosocial behavior of class V students at SD Negeri Sumur Welut III Surabaya.</p> 2024-07-01T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Danang Prastyo, Ida Sulistyowati, Sunu Catur Budiyono The Phonics Method to Increase English Pronunciation for Young Learners 2024-06-28T15:27:53+07:00 Wahyu Satya Gumelar Tyara Sucia Lestari <p>The purpose of this study was to solve the problem of fifth-grade students at SDN Ciwidey Kota that still low in pronunciation skills. Their English pronunciations are still considered inadequate, as seen by an average score of 52.85. This study design is Classroom Action Research (CAR). The data gathering approaches employed included an oral test, which is read aloud simple descriptive text, interviews with students and teachers, and field notes. In this study, the phonics method was employed to improve students' pronunciation skills through classroom activities. This study was carried out in two phases. The first cycle showed no significant improvements, however there was some improvement with an average score of 62.92. Cycle two was consequently required, and it showed remarkable improvement with an average score of 80.17. In short, the findings of this study suggest that the phonics method can improve students' English pronunciation skills and boost students' confidence in pronouncing a word in English. Then, during the learning process, a more effective strategy for students' pronunciation was discovered by applying the phonics method.</p> 2024-06-28T15:27:52+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Wahyu Satya Gumelar, Tyara Sucia Lestari Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Matematika Realistik terhadap Hasil Belajar Matematika bagi Siswa Sekolah Dasar 2024-06-29T09:35:06+07:00 Adisa Rara Ayu Dwi Lestari Alberth Supriyanto Manurung <p>The learning model is a factor that can influence learning outcomes, so in order to achieve maximum learning outcomes, teachers must be able to select and define the appropriate learning model. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of the realistic mathematics model on student learning outcomes. This research uses an experimental research design. The population of this study is all fifth-grade classes at SD Negeri Kembangan Utara 06 Pagi, with VA class as the control group and VB class as the experimental group. The research sample consists of 64 respondents. The learning outcomes test used is a multiple-choice pretest and posttest. The result of this research shows that there's implementation of realistic mathematics learning model has an influence on learning outcomes in mathematics. Based on the t-test analysis, the research findings show a significant effect of the realistic mathematics learning model on mathematics learning outcomes, therefore, the alternative hypothesis (H1) is accepted.</p> 2024-06-29T09:35:06+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Adisa Rara Ayu Dwi Lestari, Alberth Supriyanto Manurung Pengembangan Pop-Up Book berbasis Augmented Reality Materi Bangun Ruang Meningkatkan Self Efficacy Siswa Kelas V SDN Sumberdiren 01 Kabupaten Blitar 2024-06-29T10:11:26+07:00 Alifa Putri Sasmita Hadi Wijono Cindya Alfi Mohamad Fatih <p>The goal of this project is to improve the self-efficacy of 5th grade students through the development of augmented reality-based pop-up book learning materials and building spaces. Research and development (R&amp;D) methodology is used in this project. The data was collected using surveys and interviews with instruments assessed by language, media, and material experts. The assessment from language experts received a score of 82.5%, meaning "very valid", the assessment from media experts received a score of 100%, meaning "very valid", and the product validity test from material experts received a score of 100%, meaning "very valid". With a score of 97.5% on the media attractiveness scale, it is classified in the "very interesting" category. Meanwhile, the increase in students' Self Efficacy was rated "high" with a score of 0.81. So it is concluded that the Augmented Reality-based Pop Up Book media is able to increase student self-efficacy.</p> 2024-06-29T10:11:25+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Alifa Putri Sasmita Hadi Wijono, Cindya Alfi, Mohamad Fatih The Use of Application Letter Resources on Improving Writing Competence Students at SMA Istiqamah Bandung 2024-06-29T10:18:49+07:00 Muhammad Hilvan Khadafi Wahyu Satya Gumelar <p>Writing is a means of expressing thoughts and emotions. Writing is a serves as a way for individuals to communicate with their surroundings, especially for students in senior high school. Writing is employed in all learning activities. One of the activities students engage in is writing descriptive texts. Students are required to communicate effectively in English, orally and in writing. Proficiency in writing is essential before students can speak English fluently. It is expected that students can write effectively and accurately, as writing is crucial for their success in learning English. This study aims to enhance students writing skills through the use of application letters. By engaging with application letters, students are guided to assess their writing competencies and improve their skills, particularly among third-grade students in XII IPA 2 senior high school. This research employed a qualitative approach involving observation, questionnaires, and interviews. The study included 28 third-grade students from XII IPA 2 senior high school as participants. The findings indicate that the use of application letters has effectively enhanced students' writing competencies. It is recommended that students gain confidence in expressing their ideas in written form and utilize application letters to overcome writing difficulties and find solutions.</p> 2024-06-29T10:18:49+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Muhammad Hilvan Khadafi, Wahyu Satya Gumelar Pengembangan Game KEBAL berbasis Web App sebagai Penguatan Sikap Toleransi Siswa Kelas 4A SDIT Al-Akbar Kabupaten Blitar 2024-06-29T11:33:52+07:00 Latifatul Munawaroh Cindya Alfi Mohamad Fatih <p>This study aims to determine how the validity, feasibility of KEBAL media based on Web App and also the strengthening of tolerance attitudes of 4A class students of SDIT Al Akbar Blitar Regency. This research uses the Borg and Gall development model with trials at SDIT Al Akbar Blitar Regency. The data collection techniques used are interviews, questionnaires and documentation. The validation results show that the Web App-based KEBAL product has a very high level of validity and feasibility. The validity of this product was assessed by media experts and material experts while the feasibility of the product was assessed by the class teacher through a questionnaire. The product trial was carried out with 2 stages, namely small scale and large scale and obtained a score of 90% and 92% with a very tolerant category. Thus the product that has been made can be used without revision.</p> 2024-06-29T11:33:52+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Latifatul Munawaroh, Cindya Alfi, Mohamad Fatih Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Puzzle Interaktif sebagai Media Pengenalan Keaksaraan Awal bagi Anak Usia Dini 2024-07-03T12:53:34+07:00 Sabitul Kirom Arta Ainur Rofiq <p>There are still many children who have not developed their early literacy skills. One of the factors causing this is that children's interest in learning is different. The purpose of this research is to develop an interactive puzzle as a medium for introducing early literacy. The puzzle media developed is interactive by adjusting the characteristics of child development. The research method uses R&amp;D adopting the ADDIE model. Data collection techniques through observation and interviews. The puzzle media was tested with expert tests and field tests. The results of this study are interactive puzzle media declared valid based on expert validation and users. Interactive puzzles are effective in introducing early literacy. The practicality of this interactive puzzle is very good. It can be concluded that interactive puzzle media is effective, valid, and practical to be applied in the introduction of early literacy in children.</p> 2024-07-03T12:53:34+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Sabitul Kirom, Arta Ainur Rofiq Desain LinTar materi Daerahku dan Kekayaan Alamnya meningkatkan Adversity Quotient & Self Management Kelas IV SD Plus Sunan Pandanaran 2024-07-05T08:34:38+07:00 Frika Trisetya N. Mohamad Fatih Cindya Alfi <p>The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was an increase in fourth grade students of SD Plus Sunan Pandanaran Blitar district regarding Adversity Quotient and Self Management skills. Research and Development (RnD) was used as the method in this study with waterfall as the model. Questionnaires, interviews and documentation were used to collect research data. Media, Material and Language experts acted as media validity testers. The assessment from the media expert scored 96.1% in the "Very Valid" category, 100% was obtained from the material expert and the linguist scored 97.7% in the same category. With a score of 92.5% the product was declared feasible by the class teacher. As for the increase in students' Adversity Quotient, it obtained an n-gain score of 0.9 in the "High" category as well as the results of increasing students' Self Management with a score of 0.8 in the "High" category. So it is concluded that Lintar media on the material of my region and its natural wealth is valid and able to increase the ability of Adversity Quotient and Self Management of fourth grade students of SD Plus Sunan Pandanaran.</p> 2024-07-05T08:34:38+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Frika Trisetya N., Mohamad Fatih, Cindya Alfi Transformasi Ruang Belajar: Implementasi Pojok Baca oleh Mahasiswa Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 di SDN 4 Bringin 2024-07-06T19:04:19+07:00 Muhammad Zakariya Erna Zumrotun <p>This research aims to describe the transformation process in understanding how a learning space can be converted into a reading corner at SDN 4 Bringin, identify the obstacles that arise during the implementation of the Reading Corner and find the right solution, and find out the positive impact produced by the existence of a reading corner for students and school environment. This type of research is descriptive qualitative with data collection techniques using interviews, questionnaires and documentation. The implementation of the Reading Corner by Batch 5 Teaching Campus students at SDN 4 Bringin through the planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation stages showed a significant positive impact. Despite facing obstacles such as limited funds, lack of enthusiasm among some students, and inadequate infrastructure, solutions such as book donations and team encouragement helped overcome these problems. The Reading Corner provides a conducive learning environment, increases students' interest in reading, and supports literacy activities at school. Positive responses from students and support from teachers indicate that this program has succeeded in providing great benefits at SDN 4 Bringin.</p> 2024-07-06T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Muhammad Zakariya, Erna Zumrotun Implementasi Media Pembelajaran Interaktif Taktis Meningkatkan Efektivitas Pembelajaran 2024-07-06T19:33:08+07:00 Saptono Hadi Agus Hermawan <p>Research Objective The research aims to synthesize the implementation of interactive learning media in enhancing the effectiveness of education. Research Method The method employed is a Systematic Literature Review (SLR), examining primary data, texts, and content from 10 relevant sources related to the research question. The approach used in this study is qualitative descriptive, identifying accurate facts about the implementation of interactive learning media in improving learning effectiveness. Research Results The results of this study indicate that the use of interactive learning media can increase students' interest in learning. However, adequate infrastructure support and training for educators are necessary. Collaboration among various related institutions is essential to achieve effective and meaningful learning in the digital era.</p> 2024-07-06T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Saptono Hadi, Agus Hermawan Analysis Factors Teachers Occupational Well-Being 2024-07-08T14:08:43+07:00 Titin Kholisna <p>Teacher occupational well-being factors include various components that influence them both from a physical, social, economic, psychological and legal perspective. This research uses a quantitative development instrument which aims to develop an instrument in the form of items and factors/components so that adequate validity results are obtained. We have obtained the results of developing a total of 75 items on the teacher work welfare scale which have been tested on 23 teachers. By using exploratory analysis, valid item results with factor loading &gt; 0.5 were obtained for 38 items with four factors formed from a rotated component matrix with item values ​​of 0.52 (lower) - 0.867 (higher). As a result of these factors, factors were named, namely factor 1 is recognition and satisfaction of professional work with a total of 13 items, factor 2 is self-development skills with a total of 9 items, factor 3 is administrative system support with a total of 9 items, factor 4 is balance of school culture with a total of 7 items. and this development instrument has obtained a reliability of 0.964.</p> 2024-07-08T12:25:43+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Titin Kholisna Strategies and Impacts of The Sukabumi Reading Enthusiast Program on Community Literacy 2024-07-10T10:44:52+07:00 R. Histato Dayanto Kobasah Sri Nurhayati <p>This study aimed to explore the strategies and impacts of the Sukabumi Reading Enthusiast Program on fostering community literacy and reading habits within the community. Employing a descriptive method, data were collected through observation, study of the documents and interviews with 25 participants to provide comprehensive insights into the program's effectiveness. The data were analyzed using thematic analysis and triangulation. The findings reveal that the program's structured and habitual activities, such as the weekly Readhaton sessions and daily reading practices before school lessons, significantly enhance reading engagement among participants. These activities, embedded into the school curriculum and supported by community involvement, have led to a notable increase in reading interest and proficiency. The selection of diverse and age-appropriate reading materials, tailored to the needs and preferences of the community, further supports the program's success. Moreover, the program's impact extends beyond immediate participants, fostering a culture of reading that involves families and public spaces. The study highlights the program's success in increasing the number of books read, the time spent reading, and overall participation in community reading activities. These outcomes demonstrate the program's efficacy in promoting literacy, enhancing creative thinking, and developing sustainable reading habits among community members.</p> 2024-07-10T10:44:51+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 R. Histato Dayanto Kobasah, Sri Nurhayati The Effectiveness of Using Wattpad Application to Increase Students’ Reading Skills 2024-07-13T18:40:12+07:00 Gita Dwi Arimbi Ernita Daulay <p>As technological advances develop in increasing students' interest in reading, the Wattpad social media application emerged as an effective media for providing learning materials, channeling creative ideas in writing, based on the complexity of the problem and the students’ apparent lack of interest in reading, technology utilization is required as a solution, including using Wattpad as a learning media. The purpose of this research is to ascertain whether using the Wattpad application to increase students'&nbsp;reading skills. In this research, researchers used quantitative methods with pre-experimental research in the form of one group pretest-posttest. The sample used consisted of 25 students from class VIII with purposive sampling type. Multiple-choice test is the method utilized to acquire the data. Based on the statistical statistics, the average pretest score was 59.00, while the average posttest score was 73.20. And to the paired sample t-test analysis results, Sig (2-tailed) &lt; 0.05 (0.001 &lt; 0.05), rejecting H<sub>0</sub> and accepting H<sub>a</sub>. This indicates that the Wattpad application is an effective media to increase students' reading skills. The use of wattpad is useful for increasing students' interest in reading through available technology and as an additional learning media so that students do not feel bored.</p> 2024-07-13T18:40:12+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Gita Dwi Arimbi, Ernita Daulay Penggunaaan Model Team Games Tournament (TGT) pada Pembelajaran Matematika untuk Meningkatkan Kerja sama dan Hasil Belajar pada Siswa Kelas 1 SDN Bugangan 03 2024-07-14T20:39:33+07:00 Aprilia Sukma Indah Harto Nuroso Frederica Yudina Numareta Mudzanatun Mudzanatun <p>This research was motivated by providing stimulation to grade 1 students at SDN Bugangan 03 regarding cooperation and improving learning outcomes for students. The aim of this research is to stimulate the ability to collaborate between grade 1 students so as to create an environment that cares for each other and is able to work together and the impact of collaboration between students. This research uses a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis. The research results show that by learning using the Team Games Tournament (TGT) method, students become more enthusiastic in participating in the learning process because of the competition created to motivate students to compete with each other. Apart from that, students are also more active in solving existing problems. This change in attitude can be seen from the results of the attitude assessment carried out by the teacher. Based on the results of the tests carried out, it shows that the learning outcomes obtained by students are better. This can be seen from the results of evaluations carried out by students which are getting better and improving.</p> 2024-07-14T20:39:33+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Aprilia Sukma Indah, Harto Nuroso, Frederica Yudina Numareta, Mudzanatun The Contribution of Memorizing the Holy Qur’an to Improving the Speaking Skills of Eighth grade Students at the Ibnu Aqeel Modern Islamic Institute 2024-07-17T05:40:16+07:00 Khofifaturrochmah Khofifaturrochmah Rahmaini Rahmaini <p>Memorizing the Al-Quran is one aspect that can be used in assessing Arabic language learning, one of which is speaking ability. This is because in memorizing the Al-Quran a person will get used to saying Arabic sentences, where Arabic is the language of choice in writing the Al-Quran. This research is field research, while the research approach is a quantitative approach, meaning that research design objectivity is carried out using statistical processing of numbers, structures and controlled experiments. Judging from the population and sample, this research data is a population sample research, because it involves all research subjects, namely class VIII. Data collection techniques used observation and interviews. The aim of this research was to determine the contribution of memorizing the Al-Quran to the speaking ability of students at Tahfiz Ibnu Aqil Islamic boarding school. From the results of the product moment correlation analysis, the correlation coefficient value of Arabic language ability with the ability to memorize the Al-Quran obtained a value of 0.602. This means that the relationship between Arabic language ability and the ability to memorize the Al-Quran is interpreted in the strong relationship category. So it can be concluded that in this study there is a positive relationship between the ability to memorize the Al-Quran and Arabic language ability.</p> 2024-07-17T05:40:16+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Khofifaturrochmah, Rahmaini